Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bad Dream

I dreamt last night that we were having Tae Kwon Do class on a college campus somewhere. People kept saying it was Coe, but I knew it was really Indiana University (where I did my MA). We were meeting in a classroom in the ground floor of a tall building--I think it was Ballantine Hall at IU. There were white boards and ugly flourescent lights.

Master Hughes asked me to go get something and come back. I left, but then I could not find my way back. When I got inside the building, everything looked different. I kept trying different rooms, different hallways, different floors, but I couldn't find the room.

That dream is terribly familiar. I have it from the teacher's perspective all the time--I'm teaching a class I know nothing about, or it's the 3rd week of classes and I realize I haven't met with one class yet, or I can't get to a classroom where I'm supposed to meet students. I haven't had that dream from the student's perspective in quite a while.

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