Monday, January 17, 2005


I'm back from being out of town and I've been thinking about Saturday's class.

1. I don't like stretching when I'm not warmed up. I don't like the feel of it, and I have read several articles that say you're not supposed to stretch on cold muscles. In ballet, we don't stretch until we've broken a sweat, after barre. But what can a person do if that's what the instructor says?
2. I thought the across the floor moves (grapevine step, step side kick, kicking a partner who held one of those huge pads) were fun! And hopping on one foot, trying to knock down your partner was fun AND funny! But why wasn't anyone laughing, or even smiling? Maybe I just missed it.
3. I saw a mom I know, Jane Fisher.
4. We broke boards again. What a rush. Robbie broke his on his first try (reverse kick).

I enjoy classes. Are you allowed to be joyful during a class like this? Or just serious?

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