Friday, January 14, 2005


Yesterday after ballet, I was talking to Suki about the class. "It's fun and a good workout and I wish we had two classes a week."

"Well," said Suki. "You know, the studio's not being used on Tuesday morning. Maybe we should see if there's any interest in a Tuesday morning class."

"I'm interested!" I said.

So am I crazy? That would mean I'm taking ballet 2x a week, Tae Kwon Do up to 3x a week. And I try to swim at least 1x a week. I don' t know if this is a bit excessive.

Sometimes I think I have a slightly obsessive tendency when it comes to these sorts of activities--fitness, I guess you'd call them. What's that all about?

My friend Kerrie, who just turned 40, also said that she's recently gotten into fitness big-time. She loves biking and has done a class on the RAGBRAI. She owns a weight machine.

Is this a 40-something thing? Are we warding off the inevitable decline? (You know, I don't think I would have thought of aging as so much of a decline before my parents got sick.) Or do we just have more energy at 40 than we did before? Or is it something else?

I like being 40. I think the idea of ballet 2x a week and Tae Kwon do 3x a week is cool. Am I crazy?

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you're crazy. Our civilisation precludes us from physical mobility and we have a natural need of movement (though often killed by daily fatigue or common laziness). And in the age of 40 woman's hormones are at its peak so if you can only afford it move as much as you can.