Thursday, January 06, 2005

Cancelled again!

I can't believe how disappointed I was that Tae Kwon Do was cancelled! It's partially because I want to start this blog in earnest, but it's also because when I can't work out--whether it's ballet (also cancelled today) a swim, or whatever--when I can't do it, I'm cranky. It's not that I'll lose that much fitness (or will I? I can tell when I haven't had a good workout in a while), it's that I miss the exertion.

So instead we went outside to sled down our front yard hill. It's probably only about 50 feet long, but it makes a wonderful little sled run. It was nose-hair-freezing cold, but no wind, so the boys and I just tied scarves on and went out. We had to re-make the sled run in the yard--we must have gotten another 4 inches of snow last night to add to what we already had yesterday! Eli preferred to sled on the driveway where there was just a thin layer of snow, very slippery! Robbie liked the sled run in the yard--"it makes some cool turns".

Something about that exertion did pick up my spirits. Maybe it was just deciding not to mope anymore because of the change of plans.

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Anonymous said...

I also had a similar feeling last week when my pilates classes were cancelled. After a day of sitting at a desk I really missed the exertion. A quick walk in frosty night air had to suffice as a substitute.