Saturday, April 14, 2007

Not testing at the Test

Today was the first promotional test when I didn't test!

Black belts are expected to come to the promotional tests dressed up (i.e., not in our uniforms), and be ready to help.
Up at the front is the judges' table; about 7 black belts sit there to judge the students who are testing. I didn't expect to judge since I just got my black belt. Instead, I sat at the side, watching for ways to help.

Kevin, Ashley, and James were all testing for black belt. They were all ready.

After the test, most of the black belts went out for lunch--I couldn't join them, though. I'd gotten a babysitter until 2:30, thinking that would get me through the test (11-12:30 or 1) and part of lunch. But they couldn't get a table until 2:30, so I came home. Kind of a bummer.

At the test, I was talking to Justin about forms. "I had planned to do my forms once a week," I told him. "I'm not keeping up!"

"Last time I did them was when you came up to visit!" he said.

It's hard to stay on track when you're a black belt--lots of people have told me that. You don't have regular tests. You spend time helping the newer students instead of working on forms.

For me, one hard thing has been having to cut back on workouts--to just 2x a week. I'd love to go 3x a week, but it's hard to fit that in. Maybe this summer.

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