Saturday, April 21, 2007

Busman's Holiday

I taught class today. It may be the first time I did the entire class by myself.

"You're a good teacher," Brittany said to me during one of the breaks.

"Thank you," I said. "Teaching's kind of my thing."

Both teachers were gone today--there's a tournament at Master Kim's. A handful of other students went to the tournament as well. And it seems like lots of people had other things going on. So I said I'd teach.

I'm used to handling a class, so that part was fine. I did write down a list of what I wanted to do--didn't want to blank out in the middle of it! The class ended up doing a bunch of ballet-inspired exercises: working in front of mirrors, for example, and foot limbering exercises. And of course we did the usual forms and combination kicking.

Everything went well, thanks to some helpful black belts: Patrick, Raiden, June, and Brittany. I got home tired and satisfied.

Robbie went with me, too! He had a good class--he really can fly on those flying side kicks!

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