Friday, February 02, 2007

Deadlines . . . .

I don't know if I'll make one of my black belt deadlines.

At our school, we have to have other black belts watch our forms and step sparring before we test--13 times. The black belts sign a board to help us keep track.

I still need 4 more signatures.

I'd hoped to get someone to watch and sign on Wednesday, but there weren't any adult black belts there except Ms. Pryor and Master Hughes (they'll watch our forms over the weekend).

Today, I went to forms class, hoping to practice and get someone to watch. But no black belts were there except Brittany, who didn't want to sign my board (she just tested, and has to retake part of the test).

So I still need 4 signatures.

I didn't want to be getting signatures during the last week of training, but I guess I will be. I just hope I can get all the signatures and finish my board. At this point, I'm totally dependent on others to help me finish my training.

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