Monday, February 12, 2007

After the BB test

It was hard to leave the dojang after Saturday's test. Even Eli wanted to stay after Bruce and Robbie left; he and Justin discussed the best Star Wars episodes. Black belts and other students stood around chatting, congratulating each other, laughing. The kids ran around, as usual.

My dear friends from ballet, Katharine and her daughter Leihrin, came to watch the test--Bill and Roan were there, too (Katharine's husband and son). Bill and both kids are learning Tang Soo Do--something I want to watch sometime. They all congratulated me and gave me a box of gourmet chocolates!

Once we were ready to go, someone proposed going over to The Olive Garden. We took over two huge tables, a total of 22 people--TKD students and their families. There was a lot more laughing, storytelling, and teasing!

Later that evening, there was another TKD party--this one I wasn't able to attend. I had a date . . .

Here I am with my date, my son Robbie, at the college presidential reception and ball--I am wearing my yin-yang necklace in honor of my test. Robbie and I hung out with college friends and loved the great food and drink and inspiring jazz music--a celebratory way to end the day.

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Mr. Wasson said...

Congrats. cya wednesday at promotions Mrs. Nesmith!