Wednesday, January 10, 2007


"Do you want me to make you a copy of this?"

Brian is dangling a packet of notecards in front of my face. We're taking a break from our morning walk-through, and I'm having a little lie down on the stack of mats.

I sit up and look at the notecards. They're study cards with Tae Kwon Do terms for our written black belt test on one side and definitions on the other.


"I can make you a copy of the one with the meanings of the belt levels. Then you won't have to cut and paste it."

Brian made up his notecards sometime before the last test. I haven't done mine yet.

Brian is altogether more consistent and determined than I am when preparing for promotional tests, always finishing up all his board signatures (see the last post) and accurately memorizing the "meaning of the form." He goes in early to class and spends his time working on forms--usually with Kevin. "Repetition is a form of learning," he says.

He also makes a point to set up extra practices in between classes. Kind of towing me along in his wake.

I'm glad we're preparing for the test together!

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Anonymous said...

Nice Blog TKD Mom! I am going to add a link to my blog for all the moms in my school.

I look forward to continuing to read about your training.