Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Seemed like a good idea at the time

So Bruce is going to be home early on Monday, and I decide to go over to the dojang early--about an hour before class starts--to work out with Brian. We go through our forms and help the "Ninja Kids" class, then do the All-Belts class.

It's a Ms. Pryor killer-workout class: basic moves, kicks, forms, combination kicking, and then--last--hopping and jumping across the dojang floor . . .

After 2 hours of killer TKD workout, I'm completely wiped. I stagger home, eat, and collapse. Around 9:30, I drag myself into the bathroom for a hot bath, and then ooze into bed.

A two-hour killer workout: not a good idea at this point. I'm not sure if that long of a workout is ever a good idea for me! Certainly not when I'm just getting back to speed.

But I begin to wonder if I need to build up my stamina. Black belt tests can be long at our school.

This morning, Tuesday, Brian and I meet at the dojang. He's somehow talked me into coming over to walk through our forms. "Wasn't I just here?" I ask him.

Walking through forms to strengthen our memories IS a good idea. Having all the forms memorized is a big part of testing at our school. We tell each other we're not going to break a sweat (and basically we don't), but the practice helps us both.

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