Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ballet Inspiration

Today ballet classes started up again. It was so good to get back. The exercises just pull one's muscles back into place again in such a delicious way.

Two things inspired me at ballet today (besides just going).

1. It was Joanne's birthday--she turned 60! We all congratulated her on having reached this milestone. I told her she was my role model. "I hope to be doing ballet at age 60," I told her. "What about after age 60?" asked Suki (she is a bit past 60). "And past 60!" I replied.

2. Suki and some of my classmates are very keen to go to my black belt test. Suki even wrote down the date and place in her calendar. I would love it if they came--I think they would enjoy seeing it. There are so many parallels between martial arts and dance. I hope they can come!

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