Thursday, November 30, 2006

Laying on of Hands

I don't know how massage works, but it works for me.

Some people really like it; some hate it.

I like it.

But I don't do monthly appointments, like my colleague Sherry used to do. I go on an as-needed basis, usually after I've overworked my body doing ballet or TKD, or at the end of the semester, after I've spent several days hunched over papers, grading, and my neck and back are stiff.

Now of course it feels nice to have someone rub your back! But why does it feel better even after they've finished?

I guess it's partially the heat (they use heating pads to warm muscles), and partially muscle-manipulation. I also just like having some time (I usually do a 30-minute massage) just to relax!

So far, so good--my shoulder feels much better.

1 comment:

Justin said...

I joined the energy saving group up here and we are going to be running a "get energized for finals" by giving people back massages. One doesn't sound so bad right now though!