Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good Students, good classes

"I wanted to tell you guys that you're lucky to have a class like this," Ms. Pryor is addressing us during class. "I went to the hip-hop workout that they have at the Athletic club, and when the teacher shouted 'is everyone ready?!' nobody answered!"

Bored and unresponsive students are certainly not likely in a TKD class. There are too many times when responses are expected--like when the teacher gives an instruction ("Yes, Ma'am!" or "Yes, sir!") or asks a question (we're expected to give an answer, followed with "ma'am" or "sir.")

And we cheer each other on, too, during sparring, board-breaking, kicking . . . and the occasional game of Tae Kwon Do tag!

It's certainly not a boring place with everyone participating with actions and words. And more learning gets done in an environment like that; I'm sure of it.

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Justin said...

Often unresponsive, but definitly not bored. Right now I am both a teacher and a student of these type of classes so I am getting a good view from both perspectives. First of all, the most common reason people join these classes is solely to get in shape. Because of this it is not usually a class that people need to be dedicated to, it is more of a spare-time, goal oriented activity. And also, here atleast, the classes change every semester. Teachers, students, and class times are all different so their isn't the time to make the close bonds with other students and teachers like in tkd.
But, their are some teachers who are different. The first class I took was an ab workout and now I am taking cycling and muscle toning with this trainer because I enjoy the classes a lot. Also, the people are more responsive in these classes.
Finally, the students definitly aren't bored. Cycling class, for example, always leaves me exhausted, red faced, out of breath, and SWEATY! Plus, these classes are run through a business and if these classes were boring the business wouldn't succeed which is why us instructors are trained hard to make sure our classes will fit the needs of the customers.
It is hard to compare the two classes because they are more different then they appear.