Thursday, October 26, 2006

Time and Place

Yesterday in class, Patrick asked me if I'd like to team-teach step-sparring class with him.

"I know that lots of the kids don't know it," he said. "I know step sparring, and you do too, so we could teach them."

I was flattered, but I had to put him off. He wanted to hold the class on Thursday or Friday, and I just can't do one more day at the dojang. I said I'd love to lead a class with him, maybe before or after a regular class. We'll see if he thinks that's a good idea.

There are lots and lots of opportunities to put in time at our dojang apart from the 2-3 classes we all take a week. Some people come for Friday forms class. Others come and work out during the children's class before the usual 6 pm. class. Before every test, people come to the school and clean up on Fridays.

I don't do a lot of these things. Sometimes I feel like I miss out on some good opportunities to help my school, to show my dedication, and to hang out with my TKD friends.

But it's hard for me to get away. Sometimes I feel like I'm pushing it to be gone 3x a week for classes.

For most of the people (adults) at the dojang, they are there with their children, or even their whole family. So TKD becomes a family thing as well as "something I'm doing for myself." For me, I have to leave my family to do TKD. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I leave them right at suppertime--family time at our house. Of course, because of my weird job and flexible schedule, I've been home with the boys, supervising homework, etc., since 3, but still.

So I've been trying to volunteer to do stuff that I can do at home: keep the photoblog, write the ads, and my newest venture--work on a school newsletter. It's not the same as being there with everyone, but it's what I can figure out to do now.

I am going to bring Robbie to the Halloween party on Sunday. Yes, our dojang has a Halloween party! I'm looking forward to it. There'll be pictures, of course. And I'm going to help by bringing food and maybe even a game or two. . . I look forward to the chance to be there, an extra time--to help out and have a good time.

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