Friday, October 20, 2006

First Temporary

That whole brown belt progression that I described a post or two ago is a bit confusing. Whenever Master Hughes announces something like "I want the 2nd temporary brown belts up here" I just turn to Brian and ask "What are we?" We've been brown belts for almost a year (it'll be a year when we test for black belt), but there are these odd divisions . . .

Some schools have red belts in the place of our belts that are brown and black striped--for the belt right before black. That might make it easier.

At any rate, we are now first temporary brown belts. The way you can tell is that we have this black electrical tape on the ends of our belts. Here's Master Hughes putting tape on my belt.

Here's the whole gang.

It was a small test--maybe only 20 people, children and adults. But there were 5 new white belts testing--maybe the number indicates better recruiting times and larger classes for our school.

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