Sunday, September 17, 2006

Getting ready together

During class
"Master Hughes has approved the Jung's tournament for our school," Ms. Pryor told me yesterday in class.

"So you'll be going?" I asked.

"Yes," she said. "He knew I really wanted to compete."

I'm glad--both for myself and for her. And actually, for our whole school! What an exciting thing for us all to work toward.

So for part of class today, we worked on tournament etiquette: when and how to bow, what to do when your name's called, etc.

After class
Some of us stayed around after class, too. I'd decided that each week, I'd do my form for a different black belt and ask for advice. Saturday, Brian A. watched and gave me some good hints, including correcting some moves I had wrong: that double block in Toi-Gye is in horse stance, not back stance! Glad I found that out!

It was nice to hang out after class. Brian's kids skittered around, cheerful just to be in the dojang with their dad.

I wish I'd got a photo of one thing I often see them do. Brian lets them each punch him in the stomach a few times just for practice! He can take it now, but wait until that little Matty is 10 or 12! But what a great dad. It's fun to watch him and his kids interact. You can tell they all love each other and enjoy each other's company. I enjoy being around them.

Justin was there, home from the university for the weekend. We were all very glad to see him. He had sent an e-mail to me saying he had "great news"--it turns out he'll be teaching kickboxing at the U, and has been asked to teach TKD there, too! What a great opportunity (and great way to make money).

Justin's getting ready for the tournament. I took some photos of him doing his forms: Robbie would have done a movie. That would have worked better. But these photos capture a bit of his power and precision. And the blurring shows his quick movements :-)

A few of us are getting ready to practice again today--in fact in just a few minutes. It's nice to have something to work for and friends to work out with.

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