Friday, September 22, 2006


Has anyone seen this movie yet--? It's just out in my hometown--maybe this is its opening weekend everywhere.

I'd like to see it. The review I read has me intrigued. Apparently the movie is "story-driven," not "fight-driven." To me that's good. Even if fighting's good, I'm a sucker for a good story! Also, the review I read compared Jet Li's fighting to the moves of a Merce Cunningham dancer. Cunningham is an avant garde modern dance guy. This is a good sign.

One review suggested that the movie, except for one scene, is not only interesting for adults, but it would be appropriate and inspiring for young people. So maybe I can take Robbie.

Maybe my TKD friends will want to go.

The movie has a cool website, too.

If anyone sees it, feel free to send your review!

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Miss Chris said...

In regards to your previous post, I'm so glad the buddy taping worked!
I haven't heard of this movie you mentioned but I love Jet Li!