Thursday, September 28, 2006

Conversation about sparring

Hey everyone--be sure to go back and read the comments that have been posted about sparring at the tournament--there are lots of interesting insights, including Justin's story from his perspective.

If anyone has any more to say, please feel free to comment!

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si said...

That sounds pretty hard out. I do ITF style, and it's all semi-contact. Enough to register a hit, but not enough to injure. It sounds like the same rules that your tournament was *supposed* to have been run under. I've seen sparring matches get a bit heated, but nothing too serious, and any match that I've been in, any time the hits got too hard or uncontrolled, we were warned for it.

ITF does it all a bit different though. Besides the lesser contact, we wear feet and gloves, but no chest guards, and punches to the face are allowed.