Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Break?

I never wrote about my breaks at the test.

I had a bit of a surprise: I found out that I needed to break 2 boards hand, 2 foot. I'd thought it was just 1 and 2.

So when I was called up, I had to think fast.

"I'll do a palm strike, then a back elbow strike. Then I need to do a jump reverse kick," I told Mr. Carter, who was up there.

He helped me set up the breaks so they would go one after the other. There were three stations: two people holding a board in front of me, then two holding one in back of me, and two people holding the two boards for my jump-reverse kick, off to one side.

"Which do you want to do first?" he asked.

"I'll do the palm and elbow. The jump reverse might take a while."

Before my break, I'd been enjoying watching the men break--Brian, then Kevin. I love to watch strong people break, I thought. The boards just CRACK! and fly out. And CRACK again. It's a great sound. Those guys broke quickly and effectively.

Now it was my turn. I focused, lined up, breathed. Then kihapped, and broke front--CRACK!--then back--CRACK!

"Now right away, the jump-reverse," coached Mr. Carter.

I focused, lined up, kihapped, jumped, and . . . BROKE THE BOARDS!

Totally surprised me.

I'd been expecting to do at least two tries.

So as I stood there, mouth open (my friends tell me), I heard lots of applause and Ms. Pryor saying "that would have been a gold medal break."

I will see if anyone has a photo.


Anonymous said...

First of all, "HOORAY" on your own board breaking! Hope someone took pictures. Back elbow strike? Don't believe I'm familiar with that one.

You're entering what may well be your most intense immersion into martial arts as you begin preparing for your first degree test. I came to the decision to become a black belt gradually, probably after attaining green belt (which is the 4th colored belt in my school). I was hooked on TKD by that time, both physically and mentally. I'm also one of those people who like to finish what I start . . . even though I knew that attaining black belt would not be the end of the race but really the first marker of achievement in my study of martial arts. I myself hope to test for second degree next June.
Kicker Chick

Miss Chris said...

Great breaking! I'm not sure if you've read in my archives about my board breaking hat goes off to you!

Justin said...

I was on the stage and looked over right when you were doing your jump reverse kick. You looked extremely surprised (your jaw was about to touch the ground!)