Saturday, August 19, 2006

Last and First

The first class session after a belt ceremony is always fun: we all get to learn new forms. Mine, Palgwe 7, looks very very cool. Ms. Pryor showed me the beginning before class, and I worked on it later with Paul and Brittany.

It was also the first time I've sparred--or done any TKD--since the test, so I felt creaky. Others must have, too, as I saw lots of awkward kicks and sparring. Still, it was fun, and I must say that I would have scored a number of points on my various opponents . . . though Stephanie did score one awesome 2-pointer to the back of my head!

It was Justin's last day at TKD for a while--he leaves for university tonight. I'm glad he made it to class today because I had some college necessities to give him . . . and I wanted to take him out to lunch! Brian A. and family joined us at a local Chinese buffet.

Leaving home for college--or for whatever--is kind of a mixed thing for most people. I remember it was for me. I was excited, yet anxious about being away from home, from family and people who loved me. "I don't want to leave here," Justin said before class, nodding at the dojang itself. I don't blame him. It's a great place to be, a wonderful group to be part of.

We all wish him well, though. Master Hughes gave him a cell phone, Brian offered him an answering machine and printer (along with wonderful big-brotherly advice about College Survival), and I gave him a writing handbook and a hug. We all gave our, phone numbers, email addresses, and best wishes for a great first semester!

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