Sunday, August 06, 2006

Friends and feet

In an ideal world, I'd spend Sunday afternoons visiting my family.

However, with my family 600 and 900 miles away . . . I often substitute a phone call and a visit with local friends.

Today, Robbie and I were on our way downtown to an art exhibit. As we passed the dojang, I saw familiar cars in the lot.

"There's June's SUV. And the Gaylords'! And that's Brian's white van!"

On our way back home, the vehicles were still there. I stopped in to say hi. They were all just done with a workout. June, Pam, Jim, and Brian A. will all be testing for black belt Saturday and have been getting in lots of extra practices.

"How's your foot?" they asked.
"Not great," I replied.

June suggested that I should see a podiatrist.

I've been putting off seeing a doctor about this foot. My family doctor basically told me to stop doing whatever made it hurt. This is not the answer I wanted to hear. I figure any doctor would say that.

"If you're going to keep going with this, a doctor could tell you what you need to do to make it work," June pointed out. Maybe she's right. June herself has been getting some physical therapy to help her recover from a TKD injury.

After Robbie and I got home, I started to think that maybe I should see one of those sports doctors. I know there's a special office for sports medicine somewhere in our town. Maybe a doctor at one of those places would understand that just giving up TKD and ballet is not really an option. I bet my family doctor could refer me so I could get in.

Going to a sports medicine place! My siblings, who know my totally unathletic (and anti-sports) background, are going to laugh!

So it was a good day, for that insight, and for the added delight of seeing friends unexpectedly--I'd forgotten how that can lift one's spirits.

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