Friday, August 04, 2006

Foot troubles

After a great workout in class and some after-class practice of my jump-reverse kick, I came home just about crippled.

It was the right foot, the one with the metatarsal ligament problem and the ankle problem.
I hadn't noticed that I was overdoing it . . . until I got out of the car and walked into the house, or limped, really.

It's very discouraging to have an injury like that. It just won't go away!

And I'm frustrated because TKD seems to aggravate the injuries (or chronic conditions) more than anything else I'm doing. Ballet doesn't give me this trouble. And besides making it difficult for me to do a proper back stance and horse stance, the injury seems to be jinxing my desire to learn to dance en pointe this fall. With my right foot so troublesome, I'm not sure I should even go and get fitted for pointe shoes, which had been my plan for the fall.

So I'm wondering: Is TKD bad for me?

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Amy said...

Don't know if you still read comments, but I love your blog, being a TKD mom myself. I've been getting some mixed messages from the PT's and I don't know what to do.