Saturday, July 01, 2006

Swimming and eating

It's muggy this morning. My joints are tight and achy as they often are in this kind of weather. I stretch out at home, and get to class early for more stretching, but I'm wishing I could go swimming today instead of TKD--it always makes me feel better on stiff days.

But it's good to be at the dojang. In the middle of the room, Jim and Brian A. are going through forms together while Chelsea watches. Both men are testing for black belt in August. So are Pam and June--they're working out elsewhere in the room. The children run around, alternately working on forms and goofing off.

Brian has managed to get away from work to be at Saturday class, so we go through our forms, and the 1 and 3-steps too, getting through all of them, despite Brian's sore back.

(He and Jim had been sparring Wednesday, and one thing leading to another, Brian had been knocked backwards onto the ground. "You guys are way too rough," I tell Brian. "No, we weren't," he counters. "No. I've seen you. You guys ignore 'light to no contact' sometimes," I say.)

Class is supposed to start at 11, but everyone keeps working out individually, and Master Hughes circulates among the groups and pairs, offering advice and help.

It's really hot and muggy. The air-conditioner is on, but it doesn't seem to be doing much. I'm swimming already in sweat.

At 11:30, Master Hughes calls us over.

"As you all know, I'm going out of town tomorrow and I'll be gone for two weeks. So today I wanted to treat everyone to some egg rolls and fried rice at Phon Lan."

Everyone looks around, puzzled. Then pleased. We get dressed and walk the block to the little Vietnamese restaurant around the corner from the dojang. The owner is already bringing out plates of spring rolls and egg rolls.

There's something wonderfully compatable about eating with friends. Sharing food is a great way to share friendship!

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