Monday, July 10, 2006

The Non-Jock's day of Glory

I read an interesting article in the NY Times last week. Actually, I read a lot of interesting articles in the Times last week! They have the most awesome feature sections, including one on Thursday called "Styles" where I read an article called "Once an Athletic Star; now an Unheavenly Body."

"The dirty little secret among former high school and college jocks is that many don't remain active as adults. In their glory days, they were the fittest among their peers. But as adults, many are overtaken by nonjocks who embrace fitness as a committment to health, forget the varsity letter."

So are any of you readers former nonjocks? I certainly am. I like the idea that I am "overtaking" those BMOC and BWOC who were celebrated for their athletic ability when I was a plain old nerd.

And are any of you former HS and college jocks who've switched from a team sport to martial arts?

You can read the rest of the article at the New York Times website, at but you'll have to register.

(I can't post links or use italics, etc. because I'm using my brother's IBook and don't quite know my way around it! Or perhaps Blogger isn't IBook friendly.)


Anonymous said...

I'd guess you just need to be savvy enough to know some html tags, at which point it would be easy peasy to italicize or to link things. Feel the Mac, love the Mac. :-)

Anonymous said...

I realize this is not responsive to this particular post, but you've discussed the topic of women and self-defense before. You may be interested in Kathy Long's article "What really works" that's posted on Black Belt Magazine's website,

I think she's probably right in saying that most women's self-defense techniques are overrated. But, I also think she's correct in pointing out that whatever defense technique a woman uses, she must be fully committed to executing the movement. Hopefully, we'll never have to put our skills to the test --
Kicker Chick