Thursday, June 29, 2006

Second Uniform

I was going to post here last night, but I ended up doing some internet shopping. I'm thinking of getting a second TKD uniform. It would be nice to have a change--and I wouldn't have to launder so often! Besides, most of the other brown belts have second workout uniforms by now. It seems like a good idea, since I do TKD 2-3 times a week.

First I considered these cute workout pants, but, sorry, I've decided against them.

They are not durable enough for REAL workouts (jersey fabric, like a heavy t-shirt) and made more for being flattering than working out. Alas. Especially since I'm pretty sure they say "small but dangerous" down the leg. Or is it "brainy blonde"? Maybe I should just get a pair to wear around home . . .

I think it'll probably be this uniform.

Advantages: V-neck top, so it won't gape open. Middle-weight fabric,so maybe a bit cooler. And I like the diamond-weave, which should make it drape nicely on a small frame.

Any thoughts about uniforms/workout wear from anyone? Feel free to give advice.


Miss Chris said...

I agree with you that the second pic looks good and sounds comfortable. You are lucky that you have an option as far as your uniform. Ours are a pretty heavyweight material that is torture here in the summer but thankfully, we can wear our karate t-shirts instead of our gi tops in the summer months. The v neck top is a nice option. We women need to wear some type of sports bras with our gi tops because they always seem to come open. What do most of the women wear under their tops? We have some that like Under Armour. It doesn't look comfortable to me but they swear by it.

Anonymous said...

My favorite uniform is from They've withstood many, many washings and still look good and are comfortable. Inexpensive too - under $20. On testing days, I wear a heavier (and stiffer) uniform with my school's logo on the back.
Underneath? A woman's runners tank top that's sleeveless and V-neck by Etonic. Or, I also have a couple of boys' sleeveless basketball-style shirts (jerseys) I bought at Target for about $10. Like the Etonic tank, they're made of the wicking material, not cotton, but the boys' styles are nice because they're longer so they don't come untucked as easily.
Kicker Chick