Thursday, June 22, 2006


Nothing like a good day at the dojang to rally one's courage. Especially after a week or so of feeling out of it!

Wednesday was that good day.

It's the week after the belt ceremony and I've noticed that's a time of good vibes around our school. Everyone's been promoted and is excited to learn a new form. People who haven't been there in a while are there, the ranks are full, and there's a happy buzz in the air.

On Wednesday, the girls in the locker room chattered happily to me about horse camp and annoying boys. Justin still had nail polish on the toes of his left foot (someone had ambushed him after he fell asleep at a party). Brian was back from vacation.

Before class, Ms. Pryor helped me and Brian work on our new form. I actually feel like I'm beginning to get it. There's always a period when I'm first learning a new one that I feel awkward as I try to master the new moves and combinations. I'm not quite over that awkwardness, but I'm getting there.

Plus, the new form, Toi-Gye, has a move in it--the groin grab--that causes much amusement during practices, as one can well imagine. Brian A. had me just about distracted with laughter when he was helping me the other day.

We worked on sparring a bit, and I got paired up with lots of lower-belt kids. That means I didn't get very good practice for myself, but I got a chance to teach, and that's fun.

"Nice kicks," Master Hughes told me after sparring. "Your front kick looks good." Now that's encouragement I can use.

So I'm feeling better about things now. A short weekend trip to Chicago won't take much of the edge off things.

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ClaireLJ said...

I have to admit that I enjoy that move in Toi-Gye too. Our instructor refers to it and the backfist strike that follows as the "testicles then earrings" sequence. Handy in case you get into a fight with transvestites I suppose....