Friday, May 19, 2006

TKD trip!

Tomorrow a bunch of people from the dojang are going on a trip to visit a state park with this lovely view of the Mississippi!

It's a TKD trip, billed as a "workout" (we are going hiking), but I think it'll also be a great time to enjoy being with TKD friends in a new setting.

Robbie is going along, and has been talking about it all week. I will take my camera and post a trip report when we return (probably Sunday, as we will be gone ALL DAY on this trip).


Whipsny said...

My mother had a fulltime job and though she tried to give me ops for recreation and sport, she couldn't always drive me to the club or field, watch, and make dinner. I was thankful for what i got.It was moreunusual to have a working mom 20 and 30 years ago. I can't begrudge her for letting me decide my own priorities for frretime.

Myfyr Ap Tomos said...

I saw the film last night and realy enjoyed it. After hearing the reviews was worried that it would be bad but something tells me those reviwers were told to say that. Another conspiracy by the catholic church. LOL!

It was good to see a film that challanges religion, as an athiest i feel that my views are frownd upon whereas i am always willing yo embrace people and their faith/religion.