Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The weather has finally taken a turn toward summer here. Last night we had thunderstorms roll through, and today it's humid and alternately sunny and overcast.

It feels like summer.

Yesterday at ballet, we noticed the difference. After class and rehearsal, Lehrin and I talked about it. "It's really hot!" she said, wiping her face with her towel. "Yeah, I'm remembering what summer ballet classes are like," I replied, fanning myself with the curtains.

Advantage: the hot humid weather makes stretching easier. Disadvantage: being wringing wet at the end of class. Because ballet is hard work--fun and beautiful, but hard work.

You've seen the ballerinas after they do an exciting pas de deux: they glow--not just with pride, but with sweat, winter or summer!

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rcarlucci said...

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