Saturday, April 15, 2006

TKDmom at a College Visit Day

No, Robbie's not yet visiting colleges.

Justin got accepted to his top college choice, a state university about an hour from here. But he'd never actually been to the campus. So I offered to take him up there for a campus visit.

I'm a great believer in the campus visit--it's one very good way to get a feel for the campus culture and decide if it's somewhere you can picture yourself living for the next four years.

The day was bright and sunny, the campus's brick and limestone buildings shone, and daffodils bloomed among groves of trees (trees are very important in our state of prairies!). The tour guides were outgoing, polite, and full of information. We heard about class size, student activities, and what the dorms were like. We at a very nice lunch in the cafeteria.

Most importantly, Justin got answers to a few questions.

1. He'll start out with a general education curriculum, and will be admitted into the accounting program his sophomore year.

2. There are two study-abroad options in France.

3. Though there is no men's tennis team, there is a tennis club, which plays other college clubs.

4. When Justin asked about martial arts, the tour guide told us there was a Tae Kwon Do club, which was very popular. Justin's face brightened. "I'll have to ask Master Hughes about this," he said to me. (Switching schools is usually not encouraged.) "Master Hughes wants the best for you," I said. "I think he'll want you to stay involved.

After the tour, we wandered across campus. "So can you picture yourself being a student here?" I asked.


"I can, too."

Before we left, after he got signed up for 1st year orientation and housing, we stopped to get a drink in a campus convenience store. I went to get a Cherry Coke for the road.

"Look. I found them." I looked up to see Justin pointing at a box of brown sugar/cinnamon Pop Tarts--one of his favorite snacks. I laughed. "It's a sign. Now you know you can live here."

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Brian A said...

Jane, you are such a sweetheart to help a young man find a path. You will have truly impacted his life forever. The worl need more people like yourself!!