Friday, April 28, 2006

Good Advice

Thanks to all of you who gave me advice on my outside-inside kick--either here on my blog, via e-mail, or in class.

After class Wednesday, I practiced in front of a mirror, with Brian and Justin coaching me. I'm still not completely happy with the kick. I can do it when I'm concentrating, but I'm not sure I can use it in combination or in sparring.

Speaking of sparring, I was very very disappointed not be able to spar on Wednesday. I'm not usually able to make it to Wednesday's class, so was glad I could go this week. It's usually sparring day. But this Wednesday, we didn't spar.

I feel a bit out of practice with sparring these days, which is a bummer since I enjoy it so much. I found out there will be class on Saturday, despite the fact that Master Hughes and Ms. Pryor will be at a tournament with a group of students. I said to Cavio (who's leading class that day) that I'd try to be there. "Let's do some sparring," I said.

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