Friday, March 17, 2006

My Bag

OK, this might look like a strange bag for a martial artist. Yes, that's a pair of pointe shoes on it.
I got this bag as a Christmas present from my sister-in-law in 2004, right before I started TKD. Once I got a uniform, I needed something to carry it in, and this bag was pressed into service. It's nice and roomy--probably more room that I need for my ballet togs anyway; they're kind of compact.

The pointe shoes in the outside are actually formed by ballet words! How appropriate for a word nerd like me. Justin was having fun the other evening trying to read the French terms. "Port de bras--the way you wear your arms?" he asked. "I think it means how you carry your arms," I explained. I also showed him and Brian what it meant by rond de jamb ("circle of the leg") and pas de chat ("steps of a cat").

Ballet terms sound funny when translated. Suki says it must be odd to French ballet students who know what they mean. "Half-fold and fold," the teacher says (the literal translation of demi-plie, plie).

Inside the bag
I keep my uniform in here, neatly folded, then rolled. I also keep a few Hanes boys' t-shirts which I wear underneath. I have my current board to be signed, my sparring pads, and Dove face-wash wipes (we have no shower at our dojang).

In the outside pocket I keep hand lotion, band-aids, lip balm, and my hair things. I also have a little coin purse for my earrings, ring, and watch. And a few temporary tattoos for days when I need a bit of visual courage.

I think the little brown belt key ring on the zipper adds a bit of credibility to my bag. It was a birthday gift from Matthew and Brian--thanks guys!

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