Friday, February 10, 2006

Movie and Pictures: practicing for the test

Usually I'm the photographer, so this time it was cool to have someone else--Robbie--take pictures at TKD. Hope you enjoy these!

Here are a couple of me and Matthew sparring. He's a tiger! Didn't seem at all concerned that I was about a foot taller than he is. "Get in there and punch," I told him (it's the advice I give all children about sparring with someone taller.)

Look at Matthew's great flexibility!
OK, so first, I spar with Matthew, a foot smaller than I am. Next, I'm matched up with Frank, a foot taller than I am! Crazy. It can only happen in this cool place, the dojang. Robbie, Mr. Technology, wanted to make a movie with my digital camera, so he did. If you click on this link, Jane Spars Frank, you can see it (you need QuickTime, but it's easy to download).

Frank is a challenge to spar. His arms and legs are so long, it's hard to get close enough to score. But as you can see from the movie, I got a few points!

I sparred two people, but we didn't get very much time to do it. I hadn't sparred in quite a while, and didn't feel like I got to try my best techniques because of the odd height differentials. So after class, I asked Brian if he wanted to spar with me. He did.

It's fun sparring Brian. He definitely has a height advantage. But I'm quick and have good balance. We each scored points, though Brian got more 2-pointers (kicks to the head) than I did, obviously!

Afterwards, I realized that I hadn't even used a couple of my favorite techniques. It's funny how you get rusty when not practicing stuff like this.

The sparring match lasted for quite a while. We left the dojang sweaty and exhausted, but happy. "You're not going to write about this on your blog, are you," Brian joked. Well of course!

Sparring is good. Very good.

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