Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I'm thinking about orange belt step sparring today.

This is another trick to help me memorize all I have to memorize for the upcoming test.

Ms. Pryor says, "Even if you can't practice, you can still think about the steps during the day."

Memorization is the hardest part of TKD for me these days. There's so much to know and remember. As Brian always says "repetition is a form of learning." Yeah. But it's hard to get to more classes to practice--for me anyway. Wednesday evening class doesn't work for me.

So Brian and I decided to try and work out at another time. (It's been hard for him to get to class, too--he works on Saturday and can't always get away.) We both have odd working schedules with some free time during the day. For the past couple weeks, we've been meeting on Wednesday mornings to run through the forms and step sparring. I can tell it's helping me.

We meet after we get our kids to school and work out at the college's racquetball center. Today, besides step sparring and forms, we worked on that hook kick. My legs had completely forgotten how to do it since Master Hughes showed me on Monday. Arrgh!

Still, going through everything was useful, and fun, too, since Brian has a good sense of humor. Lots of joking around about "old brains," and laughter when we forget parts of a form.

Anyway, I decided to just think about orange belt step sparring today. I've got white and yellow down. I need to get orange.

#1. block/punch, block/punch, grab arm, step back, roundhouse
#2. jump to side, jump front snap kick, 3 punches
#3 . . . . .

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