Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Got this note about my last post from my brother:

Just caught up on your "sports" injury. (Can an activity that one does while drinking bottles of Rolling Rock be considered a sport?)

Got me to thinking- do you do any muscle building/strength exercises in your routine? Like free weights or something like that? I mean, really. Eight pound ball, dude!

Funny he should ask.

Monday night after TKD, I wandered into the weight room that Master Hughes has set up in an empty space. I'd been thinking of trying out weights for a while. Pam is in there before class; I could probably join her and have her show me how those machines work. I was thinking about that after class.

But I have to say, that room left me cold. I just was not inspired by it at all.

Maybe it's because I don't know how those things work. Maybe it's because I was tired after class.

Maybe it's because I'm basically a wimp.

Actually, I need to add more cardio into my workout schedule. That's more appealing to me anyway. I'm going to swim laps Thursday (or maybe Friday morning) instead of Thursday ballet class--maybe substitute it every other week. That's kind of a weight workout, isn't it? I mean, I'm pushing on all that water. That's got to do something.

Oh, and I'd like to point out that my brother also sustained a bowling injury last time he went.

I managed to pull my left ass muscle, he told me. I wonder if there are weight routines to prevent that. :-)

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