Friday, January 27, 2006

Men and Women and TKD

One cool thing about Black Belt Magazine is that it had a woman martial artist on the cover! Still, maybe she paid to get on the cover.

But there were also good photos of women martial artists inside--included in a long article, "Armed Kata: 10 Weapons experts help you hone your skills for competition." Four were women--cool! (The article was also written by a woman, who's also the managing editor of Black Belt.)

I also liked this photo--isn't she cool! She looks small-boned, but fierce!

Still, I think the magazine's aimed mostly at men. I mean, look at some of the ads!

Funny. Seems like they prey on a (male?) desire to have a chance to be in some kind of life-threatening situation where you can beat someone up.

Perhaps it's not just a male desire. I remember feeling it once when our neighbors behind us owned a large pit-bull. It would bark and snarl and leap against its leash (it was often chained outside; I should have felt sorry for it). I remember being back there in the garden when it was doing that and the boys were outside. Jump that fence and go after my children, and your head will be flattened with this shovel, I remember myself thinking.

But then there's that body building ad, too! Hmm. Of course, it could have good results, as this lovely piece of beefcake shows! Now is this ad designed to appeal to women readers?

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