Thursday, December 15, 2005

Balletmom, TKDmom

I had fun on Tuesday at ballet, as usual, and this time I have actual documentation.

There were just a few shots left on my film camera, so I decided to carry it around with me that day. I got some photos of the boys sledding before school, and I brought the camera to ballet.

To my delight, Mike arrived, and before he left, we took some pas de deux photos. Very fun! Here we are dancing.

As you can see, Mike's a pretty big guy, so he has absolutely no trouble doing a lift! I love doing this, though it's hard to hold the position for a picture. Still, you can get the idea.

Ah, how wonderful to know a guy who dances! (Keep this in mind, all you young guys!)

And just for a contrast, here are MORE test photos. I like this one of me sparring.

I'm sparring Aimee here. She's a good challenge.

And here I am with Brian, doing Yul-Gok.

As you can see, I've been having fun with photos today. It's a good break from grading, which is my main occupation of the day. I resolved to wear my reading glasses while grading exams today and take several breaks. Yesterday, I did neither, and I developed a splitting headache!

Blogging: Rx for grading ailments!

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