Thursday, October 20, 2005

Not the only one

Feeling really spacey in all-belts tonight.

"You look tired," says Brian.

"Just out of it," I reply.

Midway through class, Ms. Pryor has us divide up into groups. I somehow miss where my group is supposed to be. I stand there, looking vaguely around and June grabs me.

"You can work with us."

She and Stacy are standing there. We're supposed to practice sparring in groups of 3.

"I have to warn you. I'm pretty spacey today," I say.

"So am I," says Stacy.

"It's the barometer," says June. "A cold front is going through."

"And we just had a full moon," adds Stacy.

"Thanks you guys," I say, gratefully. "I'm glad it's not just me!"

And we have a good sparring practice. It's good to work out with women for a change. Both June and Stacy are flexible and fast. We encourage each other and take long breaks in between bouts to catch our breath.

The exertion helps a bit--afterwards I'm feeling a bit less spacy. A little, anyway.

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