Sunday, October 30, 2005

Breaking with the Guys

I should probably call this post "Not Breaking with the Guys" as I had no luck breaking today.

After a grueling workout at all-belts (we stretched, worked on basic movements, and sparred) I stayed after class. I had intended to have someone sign my board, but then I heard Brian A. and Justin making plans.

"Want to practice breaking?" asked Justin.

They did. I thought I'd hang around for three reasons:

1. I need some photos for this blog. Breaking makes great photos.
2. I haven't yet don't my axe kick, my new breaking kick, and thought I could get some help on it.
3. Get my board signed.

We didn't have a whole lot of luck breaking, but it looked good.

Here's Mr. Schmidt trying a speed break.

We talked a bit about hand techniques. I held out my long, thin hands to the guys.

"I really do not think this hand can go through a board. Do you think they would let me break a small board? I don't want to break my hand or wrist like Stacy did."

The guys seemed totally unconcerned about the possibility of breaking bones during a board break. This amazed me, as it is one of my fears.

Maybe this is because they figure they won't break a bone. Their hands are way bigger than mine: the bones are bigger, their hands can actually be muscular.

Maybe it's just that some people--guys?--accept the idea that one will get hurt doing sports. Justin's knuckles are big and tough, especially his right hand. Probably he likes them that way. Even Robbie likes to do knuckle push-ups on the floor to "toughen up my knuckles."

They probably have no clue why I'm concerned about my hands.

Anyway, Brian A. looked awesome doing a tornado kick. Board was not cooperative and did not break.

Here's me lining up my foot for an axe kick.

Ideally, your foot goes, heel-first, right through the board, just like an axe. But getting your foot positioned correctly and not wimping out midway are tricky, for me anyway.


Saturday night was the dojang's Halloween party. Yes, we went (Robbie, Eli, Jacob, and I), in costume! Justin wondered whether I'd write a blog on it, and I told him I would once I got some photos from Brian A. So send them on over, Brian (or should I say, Evel?!)

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Brian A said...

Pics are in the mail!!... I love your page, you do such a great job with it!! I have shown my whole family.. ;-)