Thursday, September 08, 2005

Your comments are welcome!

I have received some "comment spam" posted on my blog, so I slightly changed the way comments are posted. You'll be asked to identify a word before you post your comment--that's so spammers can't post junk on my blog.

I realize that those of you who know me tend to send emails instead of posting comments--so it won't affect you! But anyone should feel free to post a comment, anonymously if you like, or leave your name. I appreciate hearing what you think.


Mr. Justin Wasson said...

Wow, you've written so many entries in this. It's really fun to read them all(especially when you mention me, lol). I think I've read all the way back to late May so odds are that I have a lot of reading left to do. Well, its late and im tired and their is school tomorrow so I'll make sure to comment here more often.


G said...

Hi there - I just saw the address to your blog in the recent Wooster Magazine so I thought I would check it out.

I am a 2002 graduate myself and I also am learning Krav Maga, so it is interesting to read about another type of martial art.

This is my first visit, but I look forward to reading more about your Tae Kwon Do experiences.

TKD Rocker said...

Hey! Its "Myst". I made a new blog on here to record my TKD training and stuff! Here's the link:
Please visit and comment!

pressureguy said...

Hello TKD Mom.
About halfway down on your blog, you have two photos of some boys using a tire dummy.
Do you have more pics of that dummy? I have seen tire dummies, but not one that nice.
I would love to see more pics of it posted here or email them to me (if you have a chance).
Great blog!

pressureguy @ tough . com
(remove the spaces in the email address for it to work--this keeps the spammers away when I post it this way)