Friday, September 16, 2005

Taking a break

I'm taking a mental health break from TKD until Monday. Well, at least a break from DOING it. I may still write about it . . .

I was at the dojang last night for Robbie's Kum Do class. He started to learn a Kum Do form. Very cool. If anyone knows where I could get instructions, pictures, or video of Kum Do forms, let me know!

Justin was there last night, and I took some photos and a movie of him breaking a board. I just sent them to him. Check out Justin's blog because I think he's going to post them!

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Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT weekend TKD Mom!

You may also want to check out this article
entitled "The Ability to Flow in Combat." Its insights on focus and listening to your "inner coach" are interesting.
-- Kicker Chick