Saturday, September 24, 2005

Self-defense and changing behaviors

Remember back a while ago--Sept. 5th to be exact--I described "My Problem with Self-Defense" here on this blog? I wrote about how it seemed wrong that we have self-defense classes for women, but no conflict resolution classes for men (and women).

Well, this week our local paper ran an editorial entitled "Rape Education for Men" that described a group of men going around to colleges to challenge men to think about their role in violence against women and train them in conflict resolution.

I was glad to see that editorial.

I wish I could link it here, but the editorial is now in the archives and can't be accessed without a subscription. It ended this way:

. . . these groups represent a significant shift from a focus on victims and potential victims to a focus on perpetrators. Training for women--on how to stay out of dangerous situations, in self-defense--is critical and must continue. But the increasing emphasis on changing men's perceptions about rape and changing their behaviors is also essential.

I was glad to read this, and was glad to hear about the group of young men willing to go out and talk about this in order to help stop violence against women. I like the idea that we must do both: learn to defend ourselves, and educate men about their role.

Any thoughts about this, anyone?

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