Thursday, September 29, 2005

Partnering again!

Thursdays were supposed to be my swimming day, according to my new workout routine. But when I got up this morning, I knew I wanted to do ballet. So I went to the Thursday class.

It's not as serious as the Tuesday class. But still, it's ballet. And near the end, Mike appeared, the only man who takes adult ballet at our studio.

After reverance (some simple moves and curtsies at the end of class, kind of like bowing at the end of TKD class), most of the class made their way out. I stopped Mike.

"Would you like to stay for a bit to work on partnering?"

"Sure!" he said.

Suki agreed to stay for a few minutes to work with us.

We started with that simple adagio that we'd done before, and then Suki showed me how to do a pirouette with a partner. I kept worrying I'd knock him in the head with my elbows! But once I stopped thinking about that, I got in one or two that looked decent.

Then we worked on tour jetes, which are turning jumps. Last time, about a month ago, I'd had no luck doing them. I'd do the wind-up steps, then get stuck as I came around and saw Mike standing there!

But this time, they worked. The trick is getting lined up so that you'll be close enough to the guy when you leap and turn. I would stand sideways in front of Mike, then shuffle straight forward to my spot, which made Suki laugh. The next thing is just to do the move, and forget about the partner. Mike would just grab me as I went by and whoosh me up into the air. We did the tour jetes several times, until we were able to make it look smooth.

He's a big guy, too, so he had no trouble whatsoever lifting me way up! Still, I hope he doesn't get a backache from the workout!

I would be happy to be able to work on that again sometime. There's something extra cool about dancing WITH someone.


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