Monday, September 19, 2005

Do you train?

I'm just curious. How many of you martial artists do physical training other than your martial arts classes?

As you know, besides doing TKD, I take ballet, but I also swim laps. For a while I was skipping the lap-swimming in favor of an extra ballet class per week, but I found that was a bad idea. I was losing some strength and cardio-vascular fitness. It turns out I needed that swimming workout to be in decent shape to do ballet and TKD! So am I just naturally wimpy?

I guess anyone who does physical activities can answer this: do you work out so you're in shape for your favorite workout? Write me a comment!


Anonymous said...

I'm an athletic dabbler . . .
In my late 20-early 30s, I ran 3 marathons. Today, I stick to mostly 5K runs - not competitive, just for fun.
I used to have a personal trainer for weight training, but when she moved out of town, that's when I first took up TKD.
Nowadays, I attend TKD 3 - 4x per week. On my off days, I either run or use an elliptical machine at my health club. About a year ago, I added some plyometric exercises to my routine to help me with my jumping and balance in TKD. I try to do some weight training 2x per week - nothing major, just with the weight machines at the club - or if I'm feeing lazy, I try to work with resistance bands and free weights at home. I also own way too many Pilates videotapes!
Kicker Chick

TKD Rocker said...

Recently, tkd has become my only real workout. I played soccer for a traveling team for about 3 years, but school started to take over my life and I was forced to choose to give something up; I had invested way too much in tkd to give that up, so I dropped soccer. I tried the "team sport" again in 8th grade with my school volleyball team, but only stayed on for one season. Now my workouts either consist of tkd, DDR (Dance Dance Revolution - its addictive, but you get a great workout and improve your foot-eye coordination, which helps with tkd). I tried weight training for awhile, but I got so bored; I'm a person who needs to be moving around all the time when I exercise, so I quickly lost interest in lifting weights. And that's my story!