Monday, August 22, 2005

A Favorite Teacher

The boys and I saw Mr. Houtz at the pool last week. He was also there with his children. I told him that the children were hoping he would teach again in the fall.

Eli went over and chatted with him for a while and told him that he would take Tae Kwon Do again once Mr. Houtz started teaching again.

I'm somewhat torn about this. I'm glad they have a favorite teacher, but both of them tend to misbehave more in Mr. Houtz's class, taking advantage of their favorite teacher's kindness and patience by goofing off more than they would in the other class. I told them that, and said that I wanted to see how they behave in the regular class, taught by Master Hughes (and sometimes Ms. Pryor) first.

Hey, and I'm glad they're thinking about TKD again.

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