Friday, July 22, 2005

Training schedule

I think I'm doing too much.

I'm referring to my exercise/training schedule. I'm doing ballet 2x a week, and TKD 2x a week. That shouldn't be too much, but the way my schedule is now, it's too much.

My schedule:
T: ballet
Th: ballet
Sat: TKD

Other days I swim, walk, or sometimes just sit on the couch!

Problem is Thursday. Yesterday I was too tired to do well in ballet. I kept yawning and spacing out during the combinations.

I guess it's not too much exercise, it's just too much, too close together. I'm thinking of changing things up a bit for fall: doing TKD on Monday evening instead of Wed. That way, I have just 2 days in a row of serious exercise.

Any thoughts about training schedules from you real atheletes out there?

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