Thursday, July 14, 2005

I love Sparring

Quite a different attitude than I had earlier! I was trying to find my earlier "I don't like sparring" entries, but couldn't. I know they're there!

Most of the practice at All-Belts is practice for sparring: combination kicking, kicking in pairs, and of course, sparring itself. I'm lined up with the blue belts and make my way down the line, sparring with each person. First Brian A., then Pam, then Jim, then the blue belt whose name I forgot.

Each person gives me some new ideas (counter a roundhouse kick with a reverse kick, try high kicks to the head, do those double roundhouse kicks). Each person says "good job," and I feel like I've held my own against some good partners.

I just hope I can remember all the good advice!

Picture to come later! :-)

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