Saturday, July 02, 2005

Blister Avoidance

I wrote to a TKD colleague about blisters. This is what I said:
Hello Brian--
I have a quick question about taping one's toes for TKD--I notice you do it. What kind of tape do you use? Does it prevent blisters?

I left class Wednesday with two dime-sized blisters on my right foot! But I did not know if taping my toes would help--or even what to use.

Thanks for any advice.

And this was his reply:

Good morning. I think I am starting a fad , you would be supprised how many people have been asking? Yes it really saves my toes from blistering. ( But you may loose some traction...) I was really chewing up my feet, but it helps TREMENDOUSLY when it comes to avoiding blisters. I cycle every other practice to try to build up some calluses.

I will show you at next practice they type of tape, I got it at Wal-Mart or Walgreen's. It is not the plain old Bandage tape but more of a mesh. It breathes a little better and comes off easier. It is a kind of mess and the only one I think is worth a hoot.

Look me up at Wed's practice. You can borrow some and try it out. Tracy the new white belt did last week as well.

I think I saw some of that tape at the drugstore. I may just get some.

Here's Brian's daugher, Michelle with Master Hughes. She is 10, and always has a conversation with me in the women's changing room. Very cute!

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