Saturday, June 04, 2005

Just doin' it

One of those days when I just don't feel like exercising. I wouldn't go to all-belts if I actually thought about it, but I don't think about it. I have it scheduled. I grab my bag and go.

It's a humid day and the 2nd floor dojang is hot, but they've got the big ACs running. I realize I've forgotten my water and my checkbook (test is next week) . . . argh. I leave my test app with Master Hughes. At the top I write "IOU $35 for test fees, $1 for water, $3 for board." I also leave the brochure with my editing marks on it. "Let me edit this for you before we do our demonstration," I plead. Master Hughes does not seem to see the importance. Clearly, he does not understand the power of correct punctuation.

Once in the dojang, I see people I like to see: Pam and the new white belt, Jamie. Stacy and Ms. Pryor. Brian is there--must have gotten away from work for a bit. Aimee and Heidi come in.
"I went to bed early last night, by 10:30," Aimee says. "I'm getting old." Brian and I exchange a look and laugh at her.

You know, when you're feeling lazy, there's nothing like a nice routine at the beginning of the workout. Bowing when you enter the dojang. The usual beginning horse-stance-middle-punch. Stretches. Then there's nothing like some new exercises. Today Master Hughes had us work on blocking techniques.

"Use the strongest part of your arm to do that block: your elbow," he says. He demonstrates, folding his arm way around the other arm and sliding it off to execute a block. Aimee and I decide we'd probably just do a quick break-away and run!

We also practice breaking. I'm glad. I've only just learned to do the wheel kick, and can't imagein breaking with it. Ms. Pryor encourages me and gives me tips. Master Hughes walks by after an unsuccessful try and reminds me to let use torque.

"Turn your body and let your leg catch up with it. That'll give you power."

I think about it, breathe, focus, breathe, and do it. The board breaks. My heel hurts from 4 attempts and a break, but I've done it. Later, it's fun to chat with Stacy and Ms. Pryor while we sit and watch the other breaks: Jason breaks with a flat palm, Justin tries his handstand kick, but then breaks with a punch-speed-break.

At the end we practice combination kicking. I'm paired up with Jim, Chelsea's powerful and intense dad, who's a blue belt. That's OK. I'm not actually sparring. I practice working fast and kicking high, which would be my only hope if I actually were to spar him. His kicks are strong and accurate; he compliments me on my kicks. Class ends with Master Hughes reminding us of the demonstration.

When it comes to workouts, if you think about it too much, there's no way you'd do it. I've found that about myself anyway! To get myself to swim, I treat myself to sleeping in and skip my shower. I'm rested then, and I feel the need of getting wet! Sometimes the only way to get to a workout is to trick oneself--or just do it.

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