Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Training Schedule

Both Brian and Master Hughes asked if I'd be at TKD Wednesday.

"No," I said. "But I will be training."

Training Schedule:
Monday: TKD
Tuesday: Ballet, TKD
Wednesday: Swimming
Thursday: Ballet, TKD
Friday: Massage :-) (I'll need it by that time!)
Saturday: Tournament. Forms, Breaking, Sparring

Mr. Houtz convinced me to do two breaks for the tournament. He and Brian held pads while I did a reverse kick, then turned and did a flying side kick with a short runway. It will be mighty cool if I can do it. I haven't practiced yet with boards!

I also feel more confident about my form (I'll do Do San, the form I'm working on now for my next promotional test). After we did forms in class, Patrick (the 10-year-old forms genius) turned to me and shook my hand martial-arts style. "I saw your form. It looks really good," he said.

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