Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More Tournament Photos

These pictures are from my film camera. I find that the digital just does not work well for action shots, or at least my simple digital camera does not.

I wrote about the women's sparring matches--here's a photo of Pam and Aimee sparring. Pam, the 1st place winner, is on the left.

Children spar, too. Here's Master Hughes refereeing a sparring match between two kids.

It was fun to watch the men compete. I didn't get a photo of the men's black belt category, but here is a photo of Jim Gaylord breaking with a punch (yikes!). Jim is Pam's husband, Chelsea and Paul's dad.

Jim and Bryan sparred; they were the only two in their category. It was an intense match, too!

In this picture you can see some interesting things besides the sparring. That's Justin in the black-banded uniform on the right. He was the judge/referee for this category, which means he stands between the fighters at the beginning and tells them when to start. He announces the winner, too.

In the foreground (and in the back), you can see people holding sticks with flags on them. They are for judges to hold. The judges hold them up to show which fighter got a point. One person is "white," the other is "red."

This last picture is my favorite. It was taken yesterday at class.

Yes, that's me! I forgot to have someone photograph me breaking boards at the tournament, so I talked Master Hughes and Mr. Houtz into holding for me on Tuesday. I love this picture with my two teachers holding and me doing something impossible! It's so symbolic. Am I scary or what?

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